From efficient separation to technical consultancy

Dimaen provides custom build magnetic solutions to improve any sorting business. This includes magnetic applications ranging from EddyCurrent technology to basic magnetic separations. Besides magnetic separation technology Dimaen also can provide you help with any existing magnetic system as part of optimization. Optimizing your current system can even contribute to an overall increase of your separation process.

MSD, High quality and stable separation

One of the core products is a patented Magnetic Density Separation (MDS), which is a proven method to improve many separation processes. A clear aspect of the MDS process is to separate input in clearly defined fractions with high purity that differ in density. Other parameters like size or shape of the particles do not influence the MDS separation process which makes it a highly potential solution to improve any process’ performance.

The MDS solutions we offer accelerate in superb energy efficiency, CO2 reductions and small foot print in your plant compared to current traditional methods. This combined with high quality and stable separation according to your wishes.


Dimaen is also developing highly efficient process monitoring systems based on patented MDS where density of materials can be measured with high speeds and accuracy. With Dimaen magnetic solutions we are aiming for maximum improvement of your separation or monitoring process in all possible branches.

We can offer solutions for branches like mining (diamonds, coal and rare metals), recycling (plastics and metals) and agriculture (seeds). We are very interested in your specific challenge where we can also offer a pioneer lab system to prove the process and continue with a production solution where maximum efficiently will be reached. All systems will be supplied turn-key and based on your specific situation and wishes.

Please contact us to find out more about our magnetic solutions and the benefits these technologies can offer you.

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    Magnetism is familiar to every fifth grader, but describing it can confound even the most brilliant physicist.